Thursday, May 1, 2014

Investing in Your Real Estate Future

Las Vegas Real Estate has seen a major rebound over the past few years.  After suffering major devastation during the recession, prices have rebounded.  Of course the prices are not what they once were even though things have improved.  The market had become such a great buyers market that investors from around the world brought cash to buy income property in Las Vegas.  Homes were sold in greater numbers in 2011 than every.  Houses were being bought by the 1000's by those who had not lost all their capital during the recession.  This helped to clear the market of some of the short sales and bank owned properties.

Another major factor in clearing the market was when institutional investors backed by Wall Street money decided to become land lords.  The hedge funds and money managers saw opportunity in the rock bottom real estate market.  The began to buy houses in mass.  They were buying 600 to 1000 at a time.  They have made great returns in just a few years because many of the homes they purchased for $50,000 are now selling for double that price.

However, the real estate market still has room for the little guy.  One of the best ways to get ahead is to but your money into real estate.  Even after the recent crash, real estate still is the best long term method of increasing your net worth. 

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