Being successful at anything takes persistence and hard work, even real estate

I recently read an article that made reference to a psychology study on persistence and determination.  I was not surprised as much about the results as I was about the slant taken by the article.  It was trying to make the argument that people that give up more easily and are less persistence lead a better, happier life.  The reality is that nothing of value is accomplished without persistence and dogged determination.  All the pop psychology of the day talking about “just thinking it and it is so, doesn’t inform people of just how much work it takes to succeed in anything today.  If you love it (your work)  succeeding may seem like less work but you still have to have laser like focus on what you are doing.  There are no free lunches in the world today.  The real secrets are focus, determination and flexibility.  If you don’t have these it won’t matter what is running through your mind because you won’t be prepared to take advantage of a favorable situation that falls in your lap.
The notion that work has to be painful or it is not work is a complete fallacy.  Everyone doing just about anything is working.  The artist who loves his craft works countless hours toiling his art.  The songwriter spends hours penning hits.  The fact that they like it more than someone who punches the clock everyday has nothing to do with the definition of work. It also means that you can’t get anywhere with out intense determination and persistence.  If you have to change your course of action that does not mean you have lost your determination.  

This article in typical modern era lazy fashion tried to make it sound as though people who gave up easier or gave up sooner on things that weren’t working out were much happier.  They failed to mention that the ultimate goal or one primary goal is what needs to be driving people. This is also what will allow them the flexibility to re chart their course over time as they evolve as people and as the refine their tastes and desires.

It is a untrue to say that a person who is less persistent and less determined has a chance of doing anything worth while in life.  These ideas are for undisciplined people who do not know the value of commitment, work and flexibility.  They think everything should be easy and that work is to be a foreign language that they choose not to master.  This is very typical of the self absorbed populous who view themselves as the center of the universe.  Our culture is creating the “as the world revolves around me and not the sun” mentality.  These folks have fallen for the less work is more theory.  They have fallen for the misguided notion that you can magically create the life of your dreams through meditation.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am a huge fan of meditation, goal setting, visualization and positive vibration but law of attraction is only one of the laws of success.

The actions you take whether you feel like it or not are better indicators of your future success than just about anything.  You can’t pretend to have discipline, it just doesn’t work.  It is like pretending to not do your homework.  The professor will know that you didn’t do your assignments and didn’t study properly.  Likewise the universe, and all its abundance, will know when you haven’t been doing your home work.  The universe is very efficient with its supply and demand.  Just because you demand it in your mind and likely feel you are entitled to it, you won’t get it if you are not properly prepared.  If you do not have your house in order and have avoided doing all the work necessary to grow as a person and to the things it takes be successful the universe won’t give you opportunities and if it does you will likely miss them anyway.

If you are lucky enough to find an opportunity come your way and you are not prepared, it will slip through you fingers.  You will realize you weren’t as deserving as you thought.  When you find out that it takes plan old hard work to be ready and then to succeed when opportunity arises, you will give up, fall back and refer to articles such as the one I have referred to and wait.  You will wait and wait because they won’t come often if you are not working on your self, preparing for a better life.  You will be full of excuses as to why you have so little opportunity.  The first of course will be the economy or business environment or lack of capital or that some one else won’t let you become a better, larger evolving person.

However, this does not have to be you.  You can chose to have a better life and to direct your course along the path you choose based on your deepest most precious desires.  You just have to have to be willing to live in alignment with your goals.  If you want to live on the beach and drink beer it is unlikely to mesh well with a goal of being a millionaire.  Of course you could live at the beach after you become a millionaire but you must be willing to work hard and do what it takes to get to the millionaire status.  It usually involves hard work discipline and a certain amount of time.  Getting wealthy typically does not come from getting rich quick schemes.  However, it doesn’t take as long as most people think if you put your mind to it and start working toward your goals.