buying real estate income property in down market

It is much easier to buy real estate for cash flow in a down market.  The smart money is coming back to investing in multi-unit properties right now while the average buyer will wait until the market has jumped back up and the opportunities are lost.  The best advice for investing is to be buying when everyone else is running scared.  Right now the market has gone down so much that the risk of loss has dropped substantially.  The market might go down more in the near future but it is nearing the bottom and the likelihood of another 60% drop is low.  Your risk is now less and your upfront investment is now less as well.  You can get a much higher return on your money at these prices than  you can if you wait until the market has already corrected and is on the way up. 

The rents  Las Vegas, Nevada have not gone done 60% or even anything close to this number.  But income property prices have dropped over 60 % so you can make much great profit margins on your investment.  The rents have not gone down much more than 10 % so if you had a property for 400,000 in 2008 that was bringing in 3400 a month in rent can be purchased for 200,000 or less and still bring in 3000 a month in rent.  It is a huge difference in capital outlay and a huge difference in return on your dollars.  If you ask anyone who has made it in real estate investing in income property they will tell you that now is the time to buy.