Real Estate Sales Professional

Now is the time to set your self up for a great career in real estate.  The economy has weeded out a lot of realtors who were just riding on the gravy train of easy money and easy business.  If you are still in the business, a rookie or planning on going into business this is the perfect time to commit to your success.  There are no major secrets to what will get you over the top but the number one factor that will help you succeed is developing the motivation that will drive you to do the things necessary to get to the top.  

One of the best things about going into the real estate business is that there is not a lot of competition on your way up the ladder.  It is well know that a very small percentage of working realtors do the vast majority of the business.  It is much easier for you to apply yourself and follow proven techniques for success because most realtors don’t do them.  Most realtors sit in the office, drink coffee and read the newspaper while waiting for the phone to ring.  

Truth Number One

There are a few people that get in to the business and do not have to prospect.  However, the reality is this:  if you don’t prospect your business will fail.  

For some reason people get into real estate thinking that they will just get licensed and get rich.  Maybe they have a lot of connections or a lot of friends in the area and they get lulled into a false sense of security with the mindset that everyone will call them to do business.  I have news for you:  A lot of your friends and family will not call you if you are not good at listing and selling property.  Your job is to become a professional Realtor and that will take some application and effort.  

There are new ways of prospecting since the internet has taken off but most of the time it still takes a face to face meeting with the decision makers in order procure a good listing.  Part of today’s new challenge is to find your way around the no call lists when necessary and figure out how to get to the decision makers.  

Truth Number 2
You have to be a professional.  This means you have to know real estate law, construction principals, prospecting techniques, sales processes and time management.

Prospecting will bring in business so you have to also take time to read on the important subject of selling and closing.  If you are getting into the real estate business because you don’t want to be a sales person then you are getting into the wrong business.  However, selling homes is not a hard sell and requires none of the hard sell closing techniques that most people hate.  The hard sell closing techniques are for the amateurs because they don’t know enough about selling to practice a more relationship based selling.  

See more on relationship selling in a moment.  

Another quality that you must develop in order to be a top selling realtor is self confidence.  How do you improve your self confidence?  You become an expert in your field.  You have to take time everyday to learn something new in your field and then be sure to put it into practice at the first opportunity.  You have access to millions of books, videos and other informational access on the world wide web and if you commit to reading for an hour a day on subjects such as:
Real estate

Home inspection
Home repair
Mortgage lending
Real estate finance
Self esteem and peak performance
Income property and cash flows
Seller financing
Closing process
Cold calling
Neighborhood farming

You will rocket your way to success.  I will discuss more on goal setting and applying your freshly gained knowledge later.  You can be average and make an average salary or you can be great and make a great salary.  In real estate the choice is really up to you.  Real estate companies really don’t put a lot of effort in to your success whether they try to convince you they are THE most supportive brokerage or whether they just charge you $99 to hang your license.  The buck stops with you and it is your drive and commitment that will bring success.  If you don’t make it won’t cost the company anything because they are not paying you anything.  If you get your license, list that one friend or family member you know, sell their house and make a 10,000 commission you will have likely made the company about 6,000 and you will keep 4,000 or less.  So you can see that a real estate company just needs to constantly be recruiting to fill empty desk space because it is gravy for them.  They do little or next to nothing to get you started and you pay them back by giving them over half of your commissions for most of the first year.  

Does this sound fair?  I don’t know if it is fair or not but it is close to the reality.  This makes it even more important for you to want to get into business and get good quality leads so you can sell enough property to get moved up the commission percentage latter.  Most companies start you off at a very low commission split so you they can recoup the “costs” they have put into getting you up and running.  They are in a no lose situation because even if you never sell a home you will be generating company awareness or word of mouth marketing just by getting your name in front of others.  

Truth 2 a, Business is not fair, real estate is not fair and life is not always fair.  However, a positive attitude and a strong commitment to success will get you to your goals.  Your dedication and trust and faith in the universe and in the process of sowing and reaping will allow you to overcome any obstacle or hurdle that blocks your path.  

If you do get a listing and put the company sign out in front of the house, do some advertising, maybe have an open house and do the minimal things necessary to market the property you will be generating more leads for the yourself and the company.  It has been noted that one listing in a typical neighborhood can generate up to 10 new leads.  
I would also add that if you are in the business of farming, you will be attempting to create brand awareness. Your name is your brand and one new listing could lead to plenty of brand recognition and sales.   

The process of neighborhood farming is simple but it can provide excellent results.  

More on prospecting in your farm in a moment.  

How to farm your way to wealth.  

Prospect busy streets to get your name exposed to as many people as possible.  

Pay your clients to allow you to keep your sold sign in there yard for an extra 30 days after they move in to the home.  
Create a map of your farm area and pull up a list of addressed that you  or your company has sold in the area and generate a flyer or postcard.  

Mark the map with all the recent sold properties and list the addresses on the page.  Mail it out to everyone in your farm.  If you are just starting out create the marketing piece that is more about the company sales than your own sale.  As you start getting listings and sales you can add this to the post card until eventually it will be filled with all of your own sales.  

This is an extremely powerful marketing tool that you can also use to send to an email list if you are working that route as well.  

If this is so powerful then how come everyone does not do it?  The reason is that you have to sell more property to show increasing success to the community.  You can get away with using your company listings to start but you will need to show results of your system and your skill.  

Truth number 3.  Realtors are often judged by they overall dollar amount of sales. However, they true measure of skill and success as a Realtor is by the number of transactions.  This reveals the true skills of a talented and hard working realtor.  Don’t get fooled by the well connected realtor who sells 4 million dollars listings.  This may be a highly successful year but it also means they were not that busy.  If you want to be the best and increase your sales year after year you need to have a minimum of 3 or 4 transactions or listings per month.  Eventually this will multiple as your referral base will take hold and begin to rapidly bring more and more phone calls.  


Create listing presentations

When you start getting listing appointments you will need to have a listing presentation that is professional and persuasive.  It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a quality presentation packet that can be your outline for your meeting with your clients.  

Sending your packet to the clients through a delivery service.
    The process of looking at the property and building a relationship with your clients.  

Meeting your clients at their home.  

Create creative ad packaging for listings.  

Get listings and you’re the most valuable agents to the company.  If you can list property companies will bend over backwards to help you and to keep you on their team.